Food Supply Logistics to Niche Clients

Food Supply Logistics to Niche Clients

CSA Group configures and coordinates the organizational functions like marketing, sales, R&D, production, logistics, IT, finance, and customer service within and across business units and organizations to ensure proficiency.

Societies with a developed supply chain infrastructure results in economic growth. CSA Group specializes in catering to the supply chain management focusing on optimizing operations to maximize both speed and efficiency.

Supply to Military & Para-Military Forces, Indian Naval Command, State & Central Government Departments:

At a growth rate of 31% on year over year basis, CSA Group take the pleasure of being one of the most consistent and dependable suppliers of various food products {(Tea, Coffee, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Wheat Products, Milk & Milk Products (Condensed Milk, Tetra Packs), Tinned/Canned Items, Pulses & Refined Oils (soya bean, mustard etc.), Dry fruits, nuts etc.)} to the Central & State Government Departments and Para-Military forces.

A highly competent team of professionals handles bulk supply orders of major consignments and ensures delivery of quality products within timelines to any corner of India.

The Group has also been appointed as front-end distributors by leading companies and MNCs for dealing exclusively with Government Departments.

As per guidelines and regulations specified by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) the Group has been promoting its trademarked brand names NutriTea, NutriDal, NutriSugar, CSA Sugar, Healthful (for products like Atta, Makhanas/ Foxnuts, Mustard oil, Soya bean oil, Dry fruits, Rice etc.), NutriFish in addition to NutriMilch (Tetra Pack Milk, Condensed Milk, Tinned Cheese, Supplements for lactating mothers).

These brands are sought after in the rapidly growing specialty and critical industries such as infant-food, supplements for children and lactating mothers, healthy snacks etc.

The Military & Para-Military forces of India, Indian Naval Forces and State& Central Government Departments are long standing customers of the above-mentioned range of products.