Agri Business

Agri Business

India is a commodity-based economy where two-third of the total population depends on agricultural commodities. CSA Group realizes this value and taps this overpowering market in its business segment.

Trading and Repackaging of Agri Commodities :

India's strong agrarian economy produces rice, cotton, dairy and other agricultural products in large quantities. There is always the constant challenge to keep productions aligned to the increasing population. The growing agricultural production over the past several decades has always faced the task of addressing and surmounting the problems of marketing, supply, storage and distribution.

With a focus on sustainability, safety, reliability and on high quality of its supply chain, marketing and processing activities, the Group is committed to safeguarding its customers, employees, local communities and the environment, with great focus on inspection, assessment and sorting of various foods w.r.t. quality, freshness, legal conformity and market value. Manual and specialized mechanical grading is carried out to sort products by size, shape and quality before packaging.

Controlled and non-controlled warehousing facilities are available at strategic locations for storage, handling and processing of all agri-commodities as per FSSAI standards.

The CSA Group is AGMARK registered for pulses and an active member of the prestigious Indian Pulses and Grain Association. Food tests done in AGMARK laboratories include chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, pesticide residue and aflatoxin analysis of the various food products thereby ensuring that the group deals in the paramount quality commodities.

CSA Group is also involved in repackaging of pulses, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Seeds and many other food items. The company has its own brand and all required machinery for cleaning and packaging of food items.

Import and Export :

We have a decade's experience in importing and exporting of wide range of Dry Fruits such as Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, etc. We also have wide experience in exporting of Basmati Rice to the Middle-Eastern Countries and exporting of Non-Basmati Rice to the African Continent.